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Born in California, to a large, multiracial family, Monique Vogelsang developed a love for teaching and storytelling at a young age. Upon graduating from University of California, Santa Barbara, with a Bachelor’s degree in Black Studies, Monique joined Teach for America and moved to New York City. During these first years in New York, Monique taught in Harlem public schools, and earned her Master’s Degree in Teaching. She transitioned to The Dalton School, an independent K-12 institution in NYC, where she served as a head teacher and worked on the annual Diversity Conference. A certified racial literacy trainer, Monique is now a consultant and curriculum specialist, and is currently working with Pollyanna Inc., a nonprofit aiming to promote and improve DEI efforts in schools across the nation. In this role, she spearheaded Pollyanna’s Racial Literacy Curriculum for Grades K-8 and the Parent/Guardian Companion Guide, which shares strategies to engage children in conversations about race, racial identity, and systemic racism. Currently, Monique leads professional development workshops and consultations for administrators, educators, and students interested in expanding their racial literacy. With personal and professional experience with racially, socioeconomically, and culturally diverse populations, Monique is a proud champion of multiracial, multicultural, and LGBTQ+ communities and voices. Also in the works is her first Young Adult novel.